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Top 10 Tips for New Producers

Since I uploaded my first Youtube beat making tutorial years before my professional production career began, I have received a steady stream of emails, Tweets, and comments from new producers asking for help.  I have kept the most common of these questions in mind and compiled a list addressing the questions and concerns so many new producers have.

My top ten list of tips for new and aspiring producers, from last to first, is as follows:

10.  Learn how to listen to music in an analytical way-- listen to how your favorite producers pan their tracks or play their bass lines.  You may pick up a technique or two.

9.  When mixing down your beats, compare your sound to the sound of the professionals.  Of course, engineering is a science and many engineers are formally education, but you'll hear the basics-- panning, relative volume of snares and kicks, eq'ing-- in your favorite songs.

8.  Listen to what's out there and then try something different.  Pushing musical boundaries will help you develop a signature sound, something that will make your production career more viable.  Making a bunch of "Metro Boomin type beats" can help you learn production techniques, but Metro is successful because he has a distinct sound, a sound many are trying to duplicate.

7.  Amass a catalog of beats.  There are plenty of talented producers with 5, 10, 20 good beats.  Chances are, only a small portion of those 20 beats will go anywhere.  Every beat you produce is a chance.  Increase your chances.  
6.  Collaborate with other new producers and musicians.  Creative exchanges of ideas with like-minded people enhances the product and leads to valuable learning experiences.

5.  Work with artists directly.  True producers do more than just make beats; they help craft full songs.  Work with talent in your area to sharpen your blade and build confidence in your own musical sensibilities and instincts.

4.  Release your own projects-- mixtapes full of songs you produced, instrumental albums, etc-- to build a buzz for your name and showcase your talents.  Make money off these- publishing royalties, licensing, direct sales, Youtube monetization, touring and performance revenue.

3.  Educate yourself.  There are lots of online resources-- from my Youtube page to to with production tutorials, free sounds, product reviews and more.

2.  Have patience.  If you're not a super producer in the first year or two, don't get discouraged.  Musical development takes time and building a fan base takes even more time.  If you love it, keep at it.

1.  If you want to make beats, make beats.  Some people worry about their equipment not being good enough or their samples not being cleared so much that it stops them from even starting to make beats.  In all likelihood, your first beats are going to sound terrible.  You will have our beats rejected or stolen.  Production will frustrate you.  But experience is the best teacher and focusing on your fears will prevent you from success-- I can guarantee it.

The common theme in all ten tips is that experience and education lead to growth and success.  Have fun making music, take pride in gaining new knowledge and seek out challenging experiences as you hone your production and composing talents.  Much success to you all.
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New Hip-Hop drum kit for 2015/2016 (Huge!)

 With over 300 Hip-Hop drums, loops, effects and scratch samples, Damn That Hurt volume 2 is a high quality and versatile drum kit. Created by platinum producer DJ Pain 1, this kit contains sounds used in songs by Ludacris, Rick Ross, Kevin Gates, Joe Budden and others. These high quality .wav files are available for instant download and are compatible with FL Studio, Maschine, Garage Band, Logic, ACID and all other DAWs.

Click here to instantly download this drum kit
Click here for both volumes of the drum kit
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Free hip-hop samples to download

Platinum producer DJ Pain 1 teams up with FL Studio Music to release the 8th installment of the popular Hip Hop Elements series. This free and royalty-free sample kit comes with 19 high quality WAV files ranging in genre from Rap to Reggae. These sounds are compatible with all DAWs and can be used in hardware samplers as well.

Download here:
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Gunplay - Leave Da Game (Official Music Video)

Several months after Gunplay's highly anticipated album "Living Legend" was released, MMG's underdog releases the official visuals to fan favorite "Leave da Game," produced by DJ Pain 1 and featuring Masspike Miles.
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Hip-Hop producers are weak-minded?

Why are hip-hop producers killing their own careers by undervaluing their own talents and allowing others to take advantage of them? Some producers feel they have to give beats away to promote themselves. But consider the following points. 

When a producer gives a beat to a rapper/manager/label without asking for anything in return, in other words, "for the love," that entity can: 
1. Sell the song for a profit and never pay the producer 
2. Build his/her brand and boost his/her career 
3. Monetize online plays/streams (even on your Youtube and Soundcloud pages) 
4. Book shows/tours based on this original music 
5. Merchandise and profit 
6. Submit music for radio/tv play without ever determining publishing splits 
7. Pay for marketing, design, photos, engineering, merchandise, but not for production 
The producer loses in every scenario. Where's "the love?" It's not unreasonable to expect some type of fair compensation for your talents and efforts. Making a living doesn't ruin your art. Ideas for producers: 
1. 50/50 album partnerships with recording artists 
2. Trades (beats in exchange for verses, etc) 
3. Set a floor and ceiling for beat prices and stay consistent 
4. Production deals 
5. Releasing instrumental music (create a demand for yourself) 
6. Monetizing your own streaming music (Content ID, Adsense, etc) 
7. DJ for artists you produce for to split show fees 
8. Form groups with even splits (Ever heard of Gangstar?) 
9. LEARN. The more you know, the less you can be taken advantage of.
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