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Free Trap Sample Packs 2020 With Midi Files - Download Here

9DM Beats sent me a HUGE free trap sample pack with MIDI and WAV files inside.  This one pack contains lots of sample kits inside of it, and they're free and royalty free.  Download it below.

Download the Supernova Melody Pack / Trap Midi Pack: Click Here To Download

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Free Sample Packs 2019 - Spice Rack Samples - Free MIDI Packs 2019

Need free soulful samples and MIDI files perfect for Hip-Hop/R&B/Neo Soul beats?  Download Spice Rack Samples volume 1 for free, then get volume 2 for even more sounds.  These sounds are sample clearance free-- no need to pay for ask for permission to use these.  

All sounds were created by DJ Pain 1 and Stacktrace.  Download them here:

                                              Download This Premium Sample/MIDI Pack

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Producers/Recording Artists: Don't Make This Mistake on Social Media

Promoting beats on Instagram? Using social video to promote your music? Don't make this mistake. Kato on the Track and I discuss a major mistake artists make on This is a short excerpt from a nearly 2 hour online seminar.
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Flipp Dinero "Leave Me Alone" Was a YouTube Beat (Young Forever Interview)

Flipp Dinero's "Leave My Alone" started as a YouTube beat, uploaded by Young Forever.  Watch him explain how Flipp Dinero bought the beat, how he has made a living by leasing beats online and what his beat marketing strategies are in this exclusive interview.

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How Producers Make Money From Beats: 5 'Secret' Revenue Streams For Producers

I lost $10,000 just by not knowing about one royalty stream. Many producers don't know the how producers make money from more than one royalty stream.

Here are 5 royalty streams producers might not know about, briefly explained, with resources below: 

1. Information on what PRO's collect on: (note: BMI just started collecting on Soundcloud)

 2. The website Gummy mentioned with regard to synch licenses and tv/film placements: 

3. An explanation of YouTube synch royalties and how CreateTV collects them: 

4. 10 ways to increase subscribers and engagement on your YouTube channel:
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